About Hem Green Cleaning - Oxford

James Webb - Hem Green CleaningHem Green Cleaning was started by James Webb, with 12 years in the catering industry, he decided to change direction. He had learnt that quality service, matched by impeccable customer service, consistency and the ability to exceed expectation is a great formula to success.

Throughout the years of running different catering establishments, he always found it difficult to find a reliable, quality, cleaning company. So he used to employ, train and supervise his own staff to clean the establishments he used to run. Having the cleanest hotels/restaurants/bars and cafes he always thought of starting his own cleaning company! He also loves cleaning!

Hem was created with the environment in mind. The products used are biodegradable and made from the best possible environmentally friendly materials, whilst still maintaining the quality and strength to fulfil the commercial demands of the user.

We use a variety of products with natural ingredients, and products with minimal chemical content, matching the right product with the job it was designed for, having the least impact on the environment.

All business practices and operations are carefully thought out with minimal impact on the environment.
We use several different companies for our products including, Bio D, Ecover and Environmental supplies.


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